It is time that we tend to address the elephant within the area. You know, the ugliness that plagues most family rooms across the country. That large, shiny black parallelogram that such a lot of people dread addressing in our style plans. We tend to area unit after all talking regarding the TV (dun-dun-duuuuuuun). Decorating around a TV is a difficult business. As luck would have it, with the sleeker and distant style of flat screen TVs our task is created abundant easier.

Let’s explore five tips for decorating around a TV.

Sometimes the simplest approach of addressing a style downside is to do and eliminate it. If you just can’t stand viewing your TV notice some way to cover it! i like the concept of attaching a flat screen to the within of a table, concealment it behind design, or concealment it behind custom slippery doors. These may not be the foremost convenient solutions for those with a lot of advanced TV viewing wants, except for people who select minimal screen-time this area unit fantastic and reasonable TV-hiding-options.

Whether you decide on to mount your TV, or rest it on a chunk of article of furniture, choosing a non-traditional TV stand creates a lot of fascinating put concentration within the area. Explore for vintage buffets and dressers at second user stores, or on Craigslist. These items of article of furniture will generally be found at a value abundant, but that of a replacement TV stand and add most a lot of interest to the area.

Decorative open shelving beneath your TV isn’t solely sensible, however once done right, conspicuous. Hide discs, remotes, game consoles, and controllers in ornamental baskets or vintage suitcases.

I think this is often the simplest tip of all. To assist your TV mix seamlessly along with your interior decoration, simply embrace it as a part of a gallery wall. Surround your TV with important art, family pictures, and picked up objects. Your objects is a symmetrical round the TV, or free flowing, looking on the mood you’d prefer to produce within the area.

Placing a frame around your TV could be good way to individualize your TV and facilitate it mixes in along with your interior decoration. The frame is larger than your TV, or is bespoken to hug your TV for an inbuilt look.

How regarding you? Does one utilize any of those tips for disguising TVs in your rooms? What percentage televisions does one get to disguise in your home? My family isn’t huge on looking at TV, we’ve né’er had cable, and don’t own any computer game consoles. We tend to area unit weird like that. We tend to solely own one TV within the recreation room, And it’s an ugliness.

I’m preparing to alter that before long by utilizing some of those tips! I’m excited to indicate you which ones tips we are going to be implementing! Keep tuned…

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